Brian Finke — Edition 1 — Q&A


Brian Finke has created a gorgeous body of work filled with flight attendants, bodybuilders, construction workers, cheerleaders and hip-hop dancers. Regardless of his subject, he brings a crisp clean look that elevates the everyday into the iconic. For Edition 1, Brian shot a double pack of Fuji Pro 400H on his Hasselblad 503CW.


What about One Shot made you want to get involved?

I loved the idea of creating something so analog and specific. And I knew it would feel really good to get the Hasselblad out, load some film and pull polaroid again.


How did it feel to shoot a roll knowing there would be no edit and every shot would go into the world?

Felt good, strange, fun. I would say that I was definitely more decisive about each frame I made, but still had the same laser focus.


You’ve shot meat over the course of your entire career—where does the fascination come from?

I grew up in Texas and have over the years worked on a lot of bbq stories around the state, so I really formed a true love of the grilling culture.


Was it a fun shoot? Are you happy with the results?

Yeah it was a blast, of course. Shooting, hanging out, grilling and drinking with friends, all while making photos. I had a wonderful time.


Did you ever imagine you'd be destroying your negatives on purpose?

Easier than storing them! (You should see my storage.)


What is your opinion on digital versus analog photography?

To be honest, it's not really a conversation for me. I just love making photos.


Do you have a message for any of the vegetarians out there who unknowingly bought a picture of a big, juicy steak?



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