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Polaroid Originals

The original insta is back. The world’s most iconic camera brand — the gold standard of analog cool — is no longer an antique bin accessory, but rather a living, breathing testament to in-the-moment photography. Polaroid is the very definition of One Shot. Every snap is an experiment. And no two are the same. The negative is baked into the print, so a true reprint is simply out of the question. For Edition 4, we teamed up with Polaroid Originals and three of our favorite photographers to go back to the future with 72 one-of-a-kind Polaroids, created exclusively for One Shot and sold sight unseen in our online gallery.


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Polaroid One Step 2 —  i-Type 



Photographer 1/3

Robbie Augspurger is a master of the odd and the enchanting, the bizarre and the beautiful. His deadpan visual wit and sincere love of the more obscure and forgotten corners of retro make him one of the most exciting photographers working today.


Photographer 2/3

Driely S. has shot some of the most creative people on the planet — from Kanye West and Beyonce to Neil Young and Alexander Wang. Her fluid, rule-breaking style brings an electric quality to everything she shoots. 

Photographer 3/3

Stephanie Gonot has created a gorgeously eye-popping body of work, bursting with color, humor and impeccable craft. Her fresh take on everything from junk food to high fashion proves that there’s nothing she can’t make irresistibly fun.



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